Our Story


Crossfield Baptist Church has a long history of inspiring people to follow Jesus. 


During the summer of 1930, under the leadership of Morley Hall, evangelistic meetings were held every Monday night in a small room on the second story floor above a local business in Crossfield.  There was keen interest and crowds grew. During the first year, more than 50 people confessed faith in Christ and 39 followed the Lord in baptism. 


By 1931 Charles McGrath took on the leadership of this weekly meeting and regular Sunday services were held in the Masonic Hall.  During this year the gathering was small with an average attendance of 40 people.   But with a vision to establish a permanent church in Crossfield, Charles McGrath, along with 25 other charter members, founded Crossfield Baptist Church on December 31st, 1931.


After several years of renting space to meet, the members of Crossfield Baptist Church constructed their own building and held their first services there in June, 1933.  Though this was a relatively small structure, the new church building met the needs of those who attended there for a time.  


From those humble, yet exciting beginnings, Crossfield Baptist Church has experienced a number of changes.   As with any church that has been around for numerous decades, Crossfield Baptist Church has had multiple pastors come on staff.  Each of these pastors left their own distinct mark upon the church as they ministered to the congregation and the community.  The original building also saw a number of changes and was expanded upon through multiple additions over the years.  


But one thing that hasn’t changed is the mission to reach out to those who do not yet know Jesus Christ as their saviour.  Though the church started with an average attendance of 40 people, Crossfield Baptist Church has since grown to an average attendance of 170 people each Sunday.  With a strong focus on being family-relevant, you will find people of all ages and walks of life worshiping God here on Sunday.    


Pastor Dave Wiebe joined the church in 2008, and under his leadership the church has continued to enjoy Bible-based sermons - a priorty of the church ever since it's founding.  To better accommodate the needs of the church, a new building was constructed just outside of the town of Crossfield in 2009.  


Since 1930 God has done many amazing things through Crossfield Baptist Church. In His sovereignty, He has used many individuals and families throughout the years to bring us to this point in the life of the church.  We look forward to the future and eagerly anticipate what God will do next.