For Students in Grade 7 - 12

Dear Parents of Youth~

As many of you know we will be taking a trip to the Calgary Corn Maze and Fun Farm next friday, October 16. We're all super excited for this event as the corn maze at night is always a lot of fun, however before next week there is a few things that need to be clarified and completed!

Firstly, as the Corn Maze is currently running on capacity each night, we will need to pre-purchase tickets before Friday. This means that I will need to know if your child(ren) will be able to attend by next Wednesday (Oct 14) at noon at the latest, as that is the day I will be purchasing the tickets. This also means that there unfortunately will not be a chance to make last minute additions on Friday for kids that show up without having signed up by Wednesday. So if your youth is wanting to bring friends to the event, which are always welcome, I need to know by next Wednesday. The price of admission is $17.95 per person but the money and signed waivers can be brought in on that Friday


Secondly, we will be relying on volunteers to help drive the youth to the Corn Maze as we are unable to rent a bus this year. If you're interested in being a volunteer please make sure to let me know. We will be instituting a mask on policy with the kids and their drivers in the car, unless they are related or in a cohort so if you would feel more comfortable driving your child(ren) and a group of their friends that would be a wonderful help. Volunteers also won't have to pay the price for admission as we'll be covering it for them. 

We are planning to be leaving the church by 6:00pm sharp so we can get to the corn maze before 7, giving the kids a bit of daylight before it gets dark, but that after all is part of the fun. The event will end at the maze at 9:00pm and we;'ll be back at the church by 10:00pm

In order to register your child(ren) for this event, yourself as a volunteer or if you have any questions or concerns please email me at I'm really excited for this event and I'm sure it's gonna be a great time~!

Here is the Waiver for the Event 

Sharayah Javaherdost


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