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Why is Everyone Obsessed with Politics?

Have you noticed how much people are obsessed with politics lately? Many Canadians are not only interested in the provincial and federal government of Canada, but they are also deeply invested in the political landscape of the United States. We not only have 24-hour News Channels that are dedicated to politics, but we also have entire sections of the internet dedicated to reporting and commenting on what is happening in the government. It is clear that the interest in politics is at an all time high. This is due less to the fact that it is an election year in the States, but more with the change in our culture’s worldview.

This week I listened to a recent sermon by Mark Clark, who is the Lead Pastor at the Village Church in Surrey, B.C. (one of the largest and fastest growing churches in Canada, and part of The Fellowship). In his message, Mark explained that the worldview in our Canadian culture has shifted dramatically over the past few decades. There once was a time when nearly everyone believed that there is a God. Though most were not Christians, they believed that a God exists and has some kind of influence upon the world. But the increased secularization of our culture has led most people to have a worldview where God no longer exists. Most Canadians live their lives as functional Atheists. However, this shift in worldview means that for many people they no longer have a category to talk about the really big things such as life and death, right and wrong, and meaning and significance. With the category of God removed in our secular society, we have filled it with the category of politics.

Now, don’t get me wrong, politics and government are important. And as Christians, we should be informed about what is going on in the world around us. But we must be careful that we don’t adopt this secular worldview. The first of the ten commandments is clear – we are to put God first in our lives (Exodus 20:3). Jesus also emphasises this when he explains that the greatest command is to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind (Matthew 22:34-40). The biggest category we need to have in our minds in God. The driving force in our Christian worldview must be our faith in Christ.

The secularization of the Canadian mind now creates an opportunity for us to talk with others about Jesus. When you see non-Christian friends, family, or coworkers talk about politics, they are often talking about something much bigger than their individual lives. They are talking about big ideas, and they are often expressing concerns about the world around them. We should take thing opportunity to share about something even greater and more significant than who Joe Biden chose as his VP running mate. Hearing their concerns, we can begin to talk about how Jesus meets our ultimate needs. Hearing about their desire for the world to change and become more just, we can talk about how Jesus will ultimately deal with injustice in society. Every political conversation is an opportunity to talk about things that are even more significant for our lives and our souls.

The cultural revolution we are living through right now simply isn’t working. Eliminating God from the Canadian worldview has not increased people’s happiness. In fact, the world seems more desperate and more confused than every before. May we take this opportunity to share the hope that we have in Christ.

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