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Behind the Scenes

We often like the idea of God doing something big and obvious in our lives. We want to see God instantly heal a friend or family member who is sick. Or we want God to directly speak to us and guide us when we need to make a big decision. But rarely does it seem like God has such a direct involvement in our lives.

But the reality is that God is often doing far more in our lives than we realize.

This is one of the main truths we see in the Book of Ruth. Throughout the four chapters of this short book of the bible, God is barely mentioned. This is very different than most other books of the bible where God is front-and-center. Truly, God is the main character of all of Scripture. But the Book of Ruth is a very down-to-earth story of a widow and her daughter-in-law trying to survive a difficult situation. While the name of God isn’t completely absent, the actions of God are curiously missing.

When we read the Book of Ruth, it is important to realize that God is working behind the scenes. Ruth “just so happens” to follow her mother-in-law Naomi back to Bethlehem. They need to find food as impoverished widows, and the barley harvest “just so happens” to be going on at that time. And as it “just so happens,” Ruth finds herself gathering barley in a field owned by a relative named Boaz. And Boaz “just so happens” to be her kinsman-redeemer and marries Ruth. And they “just so happen” to have a son who would eventually become the grandfather of King David. And King David “just so happens” to be the family line that the Messiah would come from. The genealogy at the end of Ruth is perhaps the most important part of the whole book.

God is working behind the scenes in the Book of Ruth in subtle, but profound ways. And this is often true in our lives as well. As John Piper once said in a sermon, “God is doing a thousand things in your life right now, but you might only be aware of one or two of them.”

No matter what is going on in your life right now, trust that God is at work.

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