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When the Spirit Prompts

The following story was sent to me by our Fellowship national president, Steve Jones:

Several months ago, I heard Amy Orr-Erwing, a representative from Ravi Zacharias International Ministry (RZIM) tell a story of the Anglican church plant she and her husband had begun in Peckham, a poor, tough region of London, UK. A year previously, a small group of Muslim students from Pakistan started attending the local Art College. They decided they were going to seek their God and really discover if he was real. One young woman’s parents were well-to-do and financial supporters of Al-Queda. The Muslim students arrived in London, and this young woman began to do her Islamic prayers, fasting and other disciplines. But she did not sense a change.

Then one night she had a dream about Jesus. (Today, Muslims all over the world are testifying of dreams and visions of Jesus.) So she decided to do her Islamic prayers one day, and the next day pray to Jesus and alternate back and forth.

One day she was walking near campus and an American student stopped her to get directions to a convenience store to purchase a Pepsi. While the girl was giving her directions, the American girl stopped her and said, “I know this will sound unusual. I’m a follower of Jesus, and I sense I’m supposed to tell you that Jesus wants you and your friends to seek Him.” She was saying this to a Muslim girl wearing the hijab. They sat for three hours and she told her American tourist friend her story. The tourist sent RZIM her contact information and Amy’s church youth leader contacted the Muslim girl. They met and began to study the Bible, and she received Christ. Her life was utterly changed.

Much of this happened because one student listened to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.

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