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Just Say “Yes”

THE HOLY SPIRIT IS ALIVE AND WELL on planet earth. He is alive and well most especially in the lives of those who have a habit of saying “Yes” to his guidance and leading. He is less real, and the benefits he gives are less rich, for those who do not cultivate this good habit. We can “quench” the Holy Spirit, the Bible says. We can grieve him. And just as God, the Father, will give us over to spiritual poverty if we insist on it, so the Holy Spirit will do the same. We can be more or less filled, or under the influence of the Holy Spirit by our own choice. When we say “no” or ignore his guidance persistently God will honor our choice.

The good news is that we do not have to figure out the Christian life on our own. Someone once said that God tells the one who cares. We don’t have to be smart or especially talented. We don’t have to be the CEO of our spiritual lives. We just have to care about what God is saying. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit he gives us is our teacher and counselor. We are not on our own. We are not even in charge. How can we enjoy love, joy, and peace? How can we live with deep trust in God’s Father-care? How can the world become our oyster (another way of saying “The meek will inherit the earth”)? How can we have faith to overcome mountains? We have to practice saying “Yes” to the Holy Spirit.

So when the Holy Spirit makes some part of God’s Word alive and clear to us we are to believe and follow it. It is the way of life. It is the way of transformation. In this way the life of God grows within us. “You will know the truth,” Jesus said, “and the truth will set you free. God’s Word is truth.” I could tell you some things the Holy Spirit has been saying to you but I won’t. If you are listening you will already know. I am quite certain that he will speak to you in the next 24 hours. When he does, will you say, “Yes”. It’s a rewarding habit.

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