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Happy Thought

I had a happy thought the other day. Three weeks later it still makes me happy. Maybe I’m unusual in what makes me happy and so the same thought may not make you happy. It has to do with what is important to me and I blush a bit to say what that is. It is this: I want my life to count, that there be something, well, great about my life. And the happy thought is that if I have served even one person in a day my day has counted and I have partaken of greatness.

Jesus said, “If you want to be great you must be the servant of all”. He said that he had come to be a server of others, not to be served, and that we should be like him. And I realized that the opportunities to serve are simple and all around me. People need encouragement; I can encourage. People need hope; I can give hope. People need a friend; I can extend friendship. My neighbour needs his house watched; I can watch his house. My wife needs a task done; I can git ‘er done. Jesus wants to be everywhere all the time serving others through us. That makes our lives count, puts us into the category of the great, and makes the world a happy place.

Now, if you will excuse me, my wife needs me to set the table.

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