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Train of Thought

THOUGHTS ARE LIKE TRAINS, they take you somewhere. Our patterns of thought determine our actions and our feelings about life. If we think we are not valuable we will live with a sense of inferiority. If we think God does not really, really care about us, we will live with insecurity and anxiety. Feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment are a result of our thoughts. The same is true when we feel hope, confidence and peace. When it comes to our thoughts we need to ask ourselves, “Where will this train take me?” We should not underestimate the way our thoughts are defining the outcomes of our lives.

How can we have thoughts that take us to a good destination? We need to expose our minds to, and embrace, truthful thoughts, gospel thoughts. Paul says, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true… noble… right… pure… lovely… admirable… think about such things.” Jesus said, “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free! Your word is truth.” Regular Bible reading, studies, classes, and sermons help to shape our thoughts. Since our thoughts determine our lives it is not a waste of time to practice these habits diligently.

When I feel myself going to a dark place, a place of fear or gloom I also pray the Lord’s Prayer. I find that when I acknowledge to God that he is “my Father” and what is true because of that, and when I confess that he is “in heaven” and what is true because of that, it almost always restores my peace and confidence and affects my actions. Every train has a destination and we must choose to get on a train that has a good destination.

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