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Eat and You Will Live

When I was still a teenager myself I asked a group of teens I was teaching to each write on a slip of paper how much time they spent a week reading their Bibles. They were not to sign the slips but I would take their slips and tell them what, together, they were averaging. Five of them wrote down “0”, one wrote “5” and another wrote “30”. Their average as a group was 35 minutes a week or less than a minute a day per student.

For some reason we struggle to find time to read our Bibles despite the great promises attached to doing so. God promised Joshua prosperity and success. Peter promised that we would grow “in respect to our salvation”. Jesus promised that in the same way that “bread” gives us physical life, ingesting the words of God gives spiritual life.

When I make time to read, think about, and apply God’s Word my soul feels settled and solid. I feel grounded. When I neglect it my soul begins to feel anemic.

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