Relaunch Strategy.png

Since the restrictions on public gatherings are slowly being lifted, it is important for us to think through our Relaunch Strategy to ensure the safety of everyone who might come to our building. 

The biggest question we need to answer is how we are going to gather for church services. This is addressed in each stage of our Relaunch. 

Stage 1 - No public gatherings on Sundays. But up to 50 people can attend our Sermon Recording on Thursday Nights at 7:00 pm 

Stage 2 - Spread out our gatherings to two services on Sunday 

Stage 3 - One service for everyone on Sunday morning with some additional precautions.

Please take some time to read our full Relaunch Strategy.  While we have tried our best to think through each stage of our relaunch, we believe it is important to be flexible and adjust our plans according to any new guidelines provided by Alberta Health Services.    

For anyone who would like to join us for our Thursday Night Sermon recording, please click here -> Sign-Up

It is important that we have people sign-up in advance so we can keep our numbers below 50.  The sign-up cut off time will be Thursday at noon.  

We would also like to share the results of our Returning to Church Survey. Thank-you to everyone who participated in completing this Survey.  The information you provided is very valuable.  


Though surveys can be interpreted in many different ways, we should view these results with optimism.  Your answers show that many of you are eager to get back to church and you are willing to make some changes in order to ensure everyone’s safety. But we also recognize that many of you are still cautious about reopening. We will take all of this information into consideration as we move forward.  Please take some time to review the survey yourself.