Mothers of Preschoolers 

We had a different MOPS year but we made it through as a tight team encouraging one another and learning how to do life together even though we were apart. This summer on Thursday mornings we will be meeting at the church in the garden area, the kiddos can play on the playground or sandbox and the mothers can visit together. There is also a private garden plot that was planted just for MOPS moms to take from. Come join us Thursday mornings 10am-12 we welcome new moms to join our group. MOPS meetings will start up in September.

Please email the form and fee to mopstreasury@gmail.com

If you’d like to learn more about MOPS International, visit mops.org and check out how amazing this group is!


We are so excited to have you at Crossfield MOPS! #thisismotherhood #thisisgoingtobefun